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Going away on either holiday or business should be as stress free as possible. But unfortunately every once in a while disaster strikes, from broken pipes, leaks, alarms going off, or worse case burglaries, and what should be a pleasant return home is instead a nightmare.

Steve and Rosanna understand how important people’s homes are, so you don’t need to have a pet to benefit from our home visiting service. They can offer you a home safe & secure check, to make sure all’s well and that nothing untoward has happened, and it’s a known fact that not having stacked up post, open curtains at unusual times, or simply by putting the bins out, dramatically improves the security of your home.

And of course you won’t have to leave all the plants in the bath or fill them with water before you leave and hope they make it – let them care for the colour and greenery in your home.

Our home safe service provides all of the following:

  • Individual room and garage safe & secure checks
  • Out-buildings, garage & garden checks
  • Post collection
  • Open and close curtains
  • Lights on/off
  • Bins in and out
  • Indoor plant watering

And, to get complete peace of mind, they can also provide you with regular ‘all well’ updates via text or email so you always know everything is well.

To get further details or to arrange a free consultation, please either phone or use the contact form provided.

Regular Visits + Checks = Safe & Secure Home

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